About Self Esteem: A Journey Into Creativity.
Mike Raven

About Self Esteem

Self Esteem is a podcast hosted by Creative Director Mike Raven that celebrates creative self-expression, exploring its transformative power on our identity.

Through conversations with artists, makers, and thinkers, we delve into their creative journeys to uncover how creativity can help us build a stronger connection with our sense of self and discover our true selves.

About Self Esteem: Part creative inspiration, part human exploration, our discussions allow us to explore the human side of things: going in-depth to examine how creativity shapes us as individuals and brings us together whilst discovering inspiring perspectives and work along the way. Explore the latest season of the podcast – Self Esteem: A Journey Into Creativity here.

We believe that creativity can be a catalyst for self-discovery, allowing us to express our authentic selves and find a sense of purpose. Self Esteem is about creating a safe and uplifting space to share stories and experiences, providing a platform for self-empowerment and exploration.